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Supporting Clean Air Choices for North Dakotans

North Dakota Clean Cities (NDCC) aims to reduce the impact of fuel and vehicle emissions on our community’s environment and health.

Designated on August 10, 1998, in a ceremony at the University of North Dakota, North Dakota Clean Cities is now managed by the American Lung Association. The U.S. Department of Energy renewed NDCC’s designation in 2008 and 2020. NDCC is a grassroots educational effort supported by stakeholders that include fuel and equipment providers, fleet managers, public utilities, technical experts, non-profit organizations, automakers, and private citizens.

NDCC helps industry partners raise awareness of Clean Air Choice fuels among consumers and fleet operators. Utilizing cleaner fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, electricity and other advanced fuels and engine technologies is an essential step to improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and support economic development in North Dakota.

North Dakota Clean Cities Re-Designation: A Collaborative Effort

As one of 75 officially designated coalitions in the US Department of Energy Clean Cities and Communities partnership, North Dakota Clean Cities needs to go through a re-designation process every four years. This is an opportunity to demonstrate our statewide impact, value, and partnerships. Your support is crucial to achieving our shared goals of advancing affordable, clean, and efficient transportation in North Dakota and enabling us to continue to be a resource for you.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Complete the Stakeholder Support Form: Please fill out the North Dakota Clean Cities Stakeholder Support Form to express your organization’s commitment to supporting our mission.
  2. Choose your commitments: Select the specific ways your organization can contribute to our efforts. Your expertise and resources are invaluable.
  3. Join our network: By partnering with us, you will gain access to a network of like-minded organizations, resources, and opportunities to make a real difference in North Dakota’s clean transportation landscape.

For more information, please contact North Dakota Clean Cities Director Heather Betts at heather.betts@lung.org.

Together, we can accelerate North Dakota’s transition to a more sustainable transportation future.

North Dakota Is a National Leader in Clean,
Renewable-Based Fuels

North Dakota is uniquely positioned to create more energy than its residents consume. Our farm fields can yield millions of gallons of renewable biofuels each year, and North Dakota is among the top ten states for renewable electricity potential. Our state also has significant opportunities to use cleaner-burning gaseous fuels like propane and compressed natural gas for heavy-duty vehicles. As more North Dakotans adopt these Clean Air Choice® fuels, we can look forward to cleaner air and a healthier environment for all.

Why join NDCC?

By joining NDCC, you will help North Dakota expand and diversify its options for vehicle fuels. North Dakota has the capacity to produce not only traditional petroleum fuels, but also all of the clean, affordable fuels now available in the Upper Midwest. Our organization provides networking opportunities, educational events, and other resources that make a difference in the quality of life throughout North Dakota.

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