In 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technology Office awarded American Lung Association & Minnesota Clean Cities Coalition funding to support the deployment and testing of large electric vehicles in challenging environments.

The Cold-Weather Operation, Observation and Learning with Electric Vehicles (COOL EVs) project will support the deployment of four medium- and heavy-duty battery electric vehicles (EVs) in three community fleets in Minnesota. This project is strategically designed to overcome the challenges of cold weather operation, which is crucial to advance EV fleet applications. The four all-electric vehicles included in this project are two box trucks with different applications, a recycling truck, and a school bus. The fleets will share some resources, including training, technology, and project management support.

The project will run through 2023.


Eureka Recycling
Eastern Carver School District
Xcel Energy
Center for Transportation and Environment
Minnesota Clean Cities Coalition