Understanding Clean Fuel Options

Motorized vehicles are one of the largest sources of air pollution. In highly populated areas, motor vehicle emissions make our air unhealthy to breathe, increasing health care costs due to lung disease. Greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline and diesel engines contribute to global warming and climate change. Overall, the transportation sector has an enormous impact on our environment.

You Can Help

Your choices can make a difference. Selecting cleaner fuels is a way individuals and fleets can reduce harmful emissions and create a healthy environment for future generations.

Blends up to 85% ethanol (E85) reduce emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles

Electricity-powered vehicles are a growing presence

Renewable, drop-in alternative to petroleum diesel fuel

Cleaner burning, drop-in replacement for diesel fuel

Control exhaust, minimize idle time, or improve engine efficiency

Lower tailpipe emissions and cost than gasoline or diesel

Abundant fuel that reduces NOx, particulate matter, and other emissions

sustainable aviation fuel

Flexible and compatible option for the aviation sector

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