The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has $3 billion available to fund zero-emission port equipment and infrastructure as well as climate and air quality planning at U.S. ports. The new EPA Clean Ports program will build on EPA’s Ports Initiative that helps our nation’s ports address public health and environmental impacts on surrounding communities.

EPA has announced two separate Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) to disburse the allocated $3 billion:

  1. The Zero-Emission Technology Deployment Competition will fund approximately $2.8 billion in zero-emission port equipment and infrastructure to reduce mobile source emissions (criteria pollutants, air toxics, and/or greenhouse gases) at U.S. ports, delivering cleaner air for communities across the country.
  2. The Climate and Air Quality Planning Competition will fund approximately $150 million for climate and air quality planning activities at U.S. ports; including emissions inventories, strategy analysis, community engagement, and resiliency measure identification, all of which will build the capacity of port stakeholders to continue to reduce pollution and transition to zero-emissions operations over time.

Eligible applicants include port authorities; state, regional, local, or Tribal agencies that have jurisdiction over a port authority or port; air pollution control agency; or private entities that apply in partnership with an eligible entity above or own, operate, or use facilities, cargo-handling equipment, transportation equipment or related technology of a port.

Applications for both Clean Ports program NOFOs are due by 10:59 pm Central Time on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. EPA anticipates notifying selectees by September 2024 and awarding the grants by December 2024.