North Dakota Fuel Wholesaler Biodiesel Workshop

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North Dakota Clean Cities, MEG Corp and REG invite you to join us for a free online presentation on biodiesel.

The fuel market is changing. Demand for and use of alternatives are increasing. Fleets and the customers they serve are looking for fuels that help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet sustainability goals.  Biodiesel is a low-carbon, drop-in liquid fuel option that you can provide to help meet these goals.

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Biodiesel Basics & Benefits to Your Business
  • Identifying and Preventing Common Diesel Issues
  • Best Practices for Storage and Handling of Diesel and Biodiesel Blends
  • Cold Weather Operability
  • Biodiesel availability
  • Q & A

To register for this free event, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email Carlie Koberstine, co-coordinator for NDCC at Carlie.Koberstine@Lung.org.

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