The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced the 2024 Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles (CHDV) Grant Program to fund the replacement of non-zero-emission Class 6 and Class 7 heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission vehicles. The EPA expects to offer up to $932 million in funding for high-quality applications that propose to serve communities across the country, particularly those overburdened by air pollution. At least $400 million will fund community projects in air quality nonattainment areas.

Eligible applicants to the CHDV Grant Program:

  1. States, including U.S. territories;
  2. Municipalities, including public school districts;
  3. Indian Tribes; and
  4. Nonprofit school transportation associations.

Vehicles eligible for replacement under the CHDV Grant Program:

  • Class 6 and Class 7 school buses
  • Other non-school bus Class 6 and Class 7 vehicles, including (but not limited to) refuse haulers/dump trucks, class 6/7 transit buses, delivery trucks, utility trucks, bucket trucks, and other box trucks

Eligible activities and costs for the CHDV Grant Program include:

  • The incremental cost of replacing a non-zero-emission Class 6/7 heavy-duty vehicle with a Class 6/7 zero-emission vehicle.
  • The purchase and installation of fueling infrastructure that will support vehicles replaced under this program.
  • Driver/mechanic training related to the maintenance and operation of new vehicles, supporting fueling infrastructure, and vehicle warranties.
  • Costs directly related to the implementation, management, and project oversight, including recipient and subrecipient personnel and benefits, contractual services, consulting on vehicle deployments, travel, supplies, and indirect costs.

Applicants must submit all materials via by Thursday, July 25, 2024, at 10:59 pm Central Time. Contact us with questions related to this opportunity.