Webinar: Powering Vehicles with Renewable Propane

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Chicago Area Clean Cities and Minnesota Clean Cities are co-hosting a webinar about renewable propane and its emissions-reducing benefits for fleet vehicles, including passenger vehicles, medium and heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

Please join us on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 11 AM for this special webinar presentation.

Presenters include:

  • Steve Whaley, Director of Autogas Business Development, Propane Education Research Council
  • Cinch Munson, Vice President of Commercial Operations, Oberon Fuels
  • Chelsea Jenkins, Vice President of Government Affairs, ROUSH CleanTech

Renewable propane (also known as biopropane) is a non-fossil fuel that is produced from 100% renewable raw materials. It’s commonly produced from inexpensive and abundant feedstock like animal fat, algae, cooking oil, and waste gases. Renewable propane has the same chemical structure and physical properties as conventional propane.

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